We appreciate that you will want to know what others think of their Wilderness CME experience. The below testimonials are a sample of what our clients have to say about their experience with us over the past few seasons. All testimonials are in our clients own words and each of them have offered to act as a reference. Many of our former students have went on to expand their education and are now helping instruct our courses. 

**While we don’t publish our client’s contact details publically, individual contact details can be supplied upon request.

Facebook CME Reviews

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"I was not sure what to expect when I signed up but I was very happy that I did.  I grew up duck hunting and I had been to the Stuttgart area many times but never for a "Medical Conference" and I had concerns that the conference part would grossly overshadow the hunting part. This was not the case, Ben and team struck the correct balance with education and the fun of a great hunting trip...there were strong lectures covering topics pertinent to the trip all given in a laid back format encouraging much group discussion but there was also the fun and camaraderie that you hope to find on a hunting trip. I can't say enough about the accommodations...The Cypress Point Duck lodge is a great venue!!!  There was plenty of food and drink in a gorgeous and functional lodge...everyone from the guides to the cooks and cleaning were top notch. Looking forwards to next year...and looking into other trips put on by Wild Med Adventures....Scuba Diving anyone?!" (Arkansas Duck Hunting CME)

L. LeBas, MD, Emergency Medicine - New Orleans, LA

Bahamas LiveAboard Dive Medicine CME

Bahamas LiveAboard Dive Medicine CME

"The Guatemala wilderness course was packed full of brilliant educational modules interspersed with adventure.  The hands-on curriculum, scenario simulation and the devotion and expertise of the educators made the experience unsurpassed.  Studying high altitude medicine at altitude, water rescue and hypothermia on unexplored river ways, and extrication and stabilization techniques on various rugged terrain, with the grounding of the mobile classroom and great meals at night.  I highly recommend any CME or instructor training with Wild Med Adventures.  They will expand your mind, your skills, and you will leave full of memories and new friends." (Guatemala AWLS)

J. Ginsberg-Peltz MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine - MA

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"Great time had by all, the Wild Med team had well thought out content presented in a relevant and practical format. My wife, a non medical professional, also attended and had a great time with the group. I have done a few CME courses internationally and by far the one I attended with Wild Med tops the list." (Austria Ski CME)

Ben J, General Practitioner - Australia

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"I really enjoyed my entire experience with Wild Med Adventures earning AWLS. It was so informative and applicable to many levels of training, and wilderness scenarios. Learning with this group is a great way to have hands on exposure and I love that they have so many trips. I will definitely be back for more." (Adirondack AWLS) 

Katie C., PA-C - MA

Costa Rica Facebook Reviews

"I received my Wilderness First Aid certification this past weekend from Wild Med Adventures. As a sworn Police Officer for over 20 years I have been through my share of First Responder courses and trainings. I was amazed at how much I learned from Ben Mattingly and Jeff Halper in just a few days, these guys are the real deal. The training is highlighted with classroom lectures, hands-on demonstrations and practical scenarios that mold you into a Wilderness First Responder. When you're done with this course you will have the confidence and know  how to save a person's life in a dire situation. " (Wilderness First Aid)

Kevin. M., Police Officer - MA

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"The duck hunting trip was terrific. WMA managed to put together an applicable, interesting and informative lecture series. The accommodations were exceptional in terms of amenities and food, and the hunting was consistently enjoyable for all comers (noobs like me to seasoned hunters all found what we were looking for on this trip). The group dynamic was also fantastic. CME + good times = great memories + guaranteed return next year. A great experience overall." (Arkansas Duck Hunting) 

Gabe F., MD, - CA

Facebook Reviews

"I would highly recommend this trip to anyone wishing to increase their confidence and competence in dealing with medical issues (major or minor) in any wilderness or remote setting. The instructors and guides made the trip both informative and enjoyable. Practicing emergency scenarios in realistic settings (jungle hiking, volcano climbing, whitewater rafting, etc) greatly enhanced the learning experience for all participants, regardless of the level of prior medical training. The serious medical instruction, the amazing scenery and culture, and the instructional and interpersonal skills of the instructors combined to make this trip outstanding! Thanks Ben, Chris, and Gabe!"

Bruce M., Ph.D   - KY

"You guys are freakin' awesome!!!!! It was such a blast to travel through Guatemala with you guys for two weeks, I felt welcomed into the group asap. Thank you sooo much for an amazing CME course and we MUST MUST MUST do it again somewhere else! I will NEVER go back to hotel conferences again! " (Guatemala AWLS)

Maryrose C., DO  - US Military

"I had been searching for an AWLS course to further supplement my outdoors/wilderness activities and this course went beyond my expectations. With thorough instruction regarding a multitude of medical emergencies ranging from altitude related problems to patient packaging and evacuation, this course teaches you everything you need to know when you are out in an non-traditional medical setting. Not to mention we had a great group of instructors who clearly were passionate about what they were teaching and made the trip a truly memorable one. Would highly recommend!" (Guatemala AWLS)

Martha F., PA-C/EMT  - MA

"The combined experience and scope of knowledge of the faculty created an incomparable learning opportunity. They brought the material to life through presentations and live scenarios. The scenarios were well-conducted and instructive and the instructor's knowledge made feedback and answers to our questions very relevant and valuable. I'd recommend this course to anyone who cares for patients." (Mexico/Orizaba AWLS) 

Andrew W., MD Ob-Gyn - Wisconsin

"I can't say enough wonderful things about this group!! I have already done two trips with this crew, and am registered for numbers 3 and 4! When I reflect back on my trips with Wild Med Adventures, I have equally fond memories of the learning, the climbs and the post summit celebrations - I don't know how a CME could get better!" (Elbrus, Orizaba, Kilimanjaro) 

Margaret K., MD Radiology - AZ

"Incredibly happy with the course layout and delivery of the subject matter from the instructors. Excellent course. Thanks." (Orizaba AWLS & Russia Mountain Medicine) 

Dave F. , RRT  - MA

"The trip to Guatemala was unbelievably enriching and exciting! It was full of interesting lectures combined with fun adventures and adrenaline, including high altitude and white water rafting/boarding. The group leaders, Ben and Chris were inspiring, informed and entertaining. They each incorporated vast personal experience and knowledge and applied it to the learning modules. They brought wilderness medicine to life. It was fun filled "conference" and I plan on signing up for several other trips. I give Wild Med Adventures my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to learn the real wilderness medicine. (Guatemala AWLS)

Jaime B., PA-student - MA

"I had a great time. Learned a lot in an appropriate setting. I'm glad to be able to take the information I learned and be able to use it while out in the wilderness if the need arises." (Mexico/Orizaba AWLS)

Carly E., EMT-P  - MA

"Great course with lots of education leading up to a powerful and challenging conclusion." (Mexico/Orizaba AWLS)

Nick D., DO Emergency Medicine - Nebraska

"The AWLS course through Wild Med Adventures in Guatemala was a great all around experience.  The educational material was well taught with plenty of hands on opportunities.  The flexibility of the instructors kept the entire trip flowing smoothly while allowing students the ability to enjoy the trip.  In addition to preparing me for personal travel in Uganda, Tanzania, and the back woods of Maine, this experience helped me branch out professionally into remote medicine this upcoming season in Antarctica.  Cannot wait for my schedule to cross paths with this group again and see what adventures and education are down the road!"

Catherine D. EMT/PA-C - MA 

"It was an amazing time with an amazing group of people. I learned a ton with folks who were clearly passionate about Wilderness Medicine. It was only a 4 day trip, but we all truly connected there, and leaving there felt like leaving on the last day of camp. Thanks again for the great experience." (Adirondack AWLS)

Anthony I., EMT - MA

"This is the best and most experienced group of instructors that I have ever had. I had a great time while being taught how to meld my clinical skills and knowledge with a group that loves the outdoors and adventures as much or more than I do." (Adirondack AWLS)

James V., PA-C -NY

"Ben is a first class instructor, from the many adventures and trips he has been on to the relaxed but very informative style he uses in the classroom. If I ever teach a class myself or with Wild Med Adventures in the future, I hope to be half as awesome as he was. This is a definite must take class."

Ryan R., DO - NC

More Facebook Reviews

''I found out that wilderness medicine is not just for outdoor junkies and the extreme adventure types. I took the wilderness medicine course offered this past Sept. 2015 in the Adirondacks and loved it and learned so much that has been applicable to my everyday life and work as an ER nurse. The course was packed with useful information that was presented in such a way as to make it interesting and memorable. I highly recommend taking a course with Ben and all of the other great people involved with Wild Med Adventures." (Adirondack AWLS)

-Jennie K., RN, BSN - NY

"What an incredible experience! Not only did it allow me to learn about wilderness medicine, but meet some incredible people. The site was awesome, the lectures and scenarios, even better. I recommend to anyone who loves the outdoors and has any medical background."

Matt R., PA-C, - CT