Mountain Biking Adventure CME

June 4-9th, 2020


June 4th - 9th, 2020

  • Join our Sun Valley Mountain Biking Adventure CME course in June 2020 for an unforgettable experience.

  • This course is ideal for those interested in combining a mountain biking vacation with adventure related CME or those looking to learn more about possible injuries and accidents encountered while traveling the backcountry. Our courses are also great for those travel enthusiasts, group leaders, bikers, EMT’s, paramedics, nurses, NP's, PA's or doctors with a desire to learn medical treatment in austere environments. We will complete the core curriculum of this CME certification course while staying at a beautiful hotel in Sun Valley, Idaho. Leave the planning to us and enjoy a nearly all-inclusive, hassle free stay. Enjoy 5 Nights lodging, 4 Days of riding, and 10 hours of Category 1 AMA PRA CME. Meet like-minded individuals and friends to last a lifetime on this one-of-a-kind CME getaway. We promise you won't be disappointed.  


  • Learn the latest wilderness medical skills for patient assessment, stabilization and evacuation.

  • Practice your skills while enjoying a true wilderness adventure in the backcountry

  • Work with our expert faculty and local Mountain Biking guides with years of experience to develop your knowledge and awareness regarding dirt biking and motorcycle injuries

  • Obtain up to 10 hours of CME and Fellowship credits from the Wilderness Medicine Society towards your FAWM

  • Our program focuses on treatment of the most common injuries and illnesses encountered while in the backcountry.


  • Intended as continuing education for physicians, PA's, NP's, nurses, and medics who aspire to work or teach as a field instructor/provider in austere environments or who may work in remote clinics and deal with the injuries sustained by off road mountain bikers.

  • Graduates from other wilderness medicine programs (e.g. FAWM, MFAWM) who want to gain experience and skills in Remote Medicine

  • Individuals pursuing a Fellow of Wilderness Medicine degree (FAWM™)

  • Anyone Interested in off-road mountain biking with a fun group of people