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Omaheke, Namibia

The Lifeline Clinic is looking for 2 doctors to start in May-June 2018 for 12 months or longer. This is a unique opportunity to provide primary and pre-hospital care to the San and is a position with food, accommodation, and a living allowance provided. 


Are you a Nurse, Doctor or Paramedic? Join Ralaigh International and provide medical care for their expeditions. Great opportunity to get out and try something new. Expeditions Include: Malaysia, Nepal, C. Rica, Tanzania & more. 


MedGlobal: MedGlobal was founded in June 2017 by doctors experienced in emergency service to address the health needs of the most vulnerable across the world, whether impacted by natural disaster, displacement due to conflict, disease outbreak, poverty, or insufficient healthcare. An international group of experienced women and men with knowledge of what it takes to bring medical care to war zones and disaster areas. 


Global Emergency Care is dedicated to make lifesaving medical care available to all Ugandans. Ten year history in Uganda in EM education, now also focusing on private-public EM development. Come to teach and learn! 4 week minimum, safe stay and travel, volunteer. Rural or sub-city environments. EM doc founded and run.



Community Health Initiative: MISSION: Working in solidarity to create healthy, empowered, and self-directed communities in Haiti, until the work is done! Multiple Trips to Haiti each year. Find out more at their website. 

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Timmy Global Health is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that expands access to healthcare and empowers students and volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. We believe all people, regardless of who they are, what resources they have, and where they live, should have access to quality healthcare. Timmy strives to make this vision a reality by strengthening the capacity of local health systems through short-term medical service programs and long-term health solutions.

What started as a humble, grassroots effort now directly supports 10 community based project sites in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nigeria.

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First, we identify local leaders and partners to learn the specific needs of their communities.  We then utilize our network of local and international volunteers and partners to design and implement sustainable locally-owned and "harvested" solutions that are simple and effective.  Next, we monitor and improve these projects to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the communities until we have ensured they are sustainable and self-supportive. Find out how you can get involved. 

True North Missions: Serving Guatemala

Truth North Missions provides comprehensive healthcare to the children of Mayan Indian Tribes in Central America.  These indigenous people were displaced by Guatemala's 36 year civil war which ended in 1999.  The Mayans have migrated to isolated areas in bordering countries to avoid persecution and discrimination.

The United Nations refers to them as "The Forgotten People".  They estimate their number at over 200,000.  Even now, years after being driven out of their home, their poverty and isolation impose many social and economic problems, not the least of which is healthcare.

SEA Mercy:  South Pacific 

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Sea Mercy is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2012 with the goal of bringing free health care to the remote islands of the South Pacific. Operating from our fleet of “Floating Health Care Clinics” (FHCC) vessels (large sailing catamarans), we have engaged the international sailing community, the international health care community, and the health ministries of our island nation partners in order to bring this much needed care to the thousands of remote inhabited islands. Sea Mercy’s goal is to establish recurring visits to the same islands providing health screening, preventative care, maintenance of chronic conditions, and treatment of acute illnesses. The tropical medicine elective is a partnership between Sea Mercy and the Palmetto Health Emergency Medicine Residency Program that provides a unique educational experience in international medicine.

Mozambique: EM residency project

Mozambique is stepping up to the plate: The ministry of health has recognized the need for emergency medicine specialty training. The ministry is taking the following key steps:

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    1. Formalizing the specialty
    2. Identifying residents to train in emergency medicine
    3. Hosting their first emergency medicine residency

    At PLeDGE Health, we take pride in supporting our partners in development. Our partnership with Mozambique is our favorite blend of supporting and providing technical expertise to partners doing amazing work. We need your support for volunteer medical training and education.