Dr. Joe Schneider is board certified in Emergency Medicine, and was the inaugural fellow in the Wilderness Medicine program at Baystate Medical Center, created by Dr. Benjamin Mattingly.   Together, these two, along with Chris Gibson (Paramedic, FAWM) and a number of other wonderful people, summited Mt Aconcagua in January of 2012, sparking the fire in Dr. Schneider's wilderness medicine career.  

In the spring of 2012, he helped lead and instruct senior medical students in the Utah wilderness during a one-month wilderness medicine elective offered through the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine.  Students camped in the back country in conditions ranging from a snowy alpine setting at 9,400 feet, practicing and learning about alpine medical emergencies, to CanyonLands National Park, where students studied and practiced wilderness tenets and skills such as water purification and heat exposure, and managed to identify a Black Widow spider and Pigmy Midget Rattlesnake.  They traveled part of the way from the mountains to the desert via the Green River for 4 nights.  Dr. Schneider participated in the November 2013 AWLS CME trip to Guatemala offered by Wild Med Adventures, LCC, a truly spectacular experience.  In the spring of 2014, Joe Schneider pursued his dream of going to the Himalayas and worked as the expedition doctor for Himalayan Experience's expedition to climb Mt Makalu, the world's 5th tallest mountain at 8,481 meters.  The expedition was successful.  Interests include all outdoor activities, particularly backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, golf, swimming/diving, and of course wilderness medicine.  Dr. Schneider has recently relocated to the west coast practicing emergency medicine but continues to be an active instructor with Wild Med Adventures.