dersim kaya, md


Spending my entire adult life in Brooklyn, I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of New York City and embrace the beauty and the wonder of the outdoors. I learned quickly into my Wilderness Fellowship that the vast and awesome wilderness is quite unforgiving. A few mistakes combined with lack of preparation can turn a day hike into a fight for your survival.

As an emergency medicine physician, part of my job is always being prepared and geared up for any situation that can show up to my ER. Planning for emergencies can really save the day. Whether it’s Kilimanjaro, Costa Rica or an Arkansas duck hunt, Wild Med Adventures gives you the opportunity to totally immerse yourself in nature while learning how to prepare for the unexpected.

My personal interests include rock climbing, surfing, hiking, swiftwater and rope rescue, mountaineering, scuba diving and survival techniques. 

See you out there! - Dersim