Currently, Chris is the director of his company SOS Servicios Medicos. A UK citizen, he has taken residence in Guatemala and trains many of their medics and guides. He regularly works as a street Paramedic with an EMS in Central America and as a remote area paramedic in the Middle East, managing both emergency and primary care clinics. Chris was trained in mountain and arctic survival during a 14-year career in the British Army.

He has worked extensively throughout Latin America, Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East as a pre-hospital provider (Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, US, Guatemala, Iraq) and in the US Army Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad, Iraq. During tropical storm Agatha, Chris and his SOS team supported government agencies providing medical and food aid to remote, flood-stricken communities in Guatemala's lowlands and has since coordinated community outreach medical missions in Central America and remote villages in Kurdistan.

Passionate about pre-hospital emergency medicine, he regularly teaches Wilderness FR/EMT and AWLS - Advanced Wilderness Life Support courses and works as an expedition leader/medic, leading groups through the mountains and jungles of Central America. Chris is an avid climber, summtting Aconcagua (Argentina) and Orizaba (Mexico) and enjoys mountain biking, off road driving, and kayaking.